How to make sure your documents comply with the law and protect your subsoil use rights We prepare the entire package of documents that the subsoil user needs to own, and promptly solve the client’s problem. We conduct a comprehensive legal audit, legal support of documents and agreements. We advise and support the company’s participation in inspections of state supervision and protect the legal interests of our client at all stages of subsoil use.

  • We are registering geological exploration work.
  • We prepare and control the submission of annual reports in the field of subsoil use.
  • We monitor compliance with the special conditions of the special subsoil use permit and the Work Program.
  • We oversee the implementation of design decisions .
  • We provide supervision (drilling, seismic exploration, development of oil and gas fields).
  • We prepare, support and work with the results of inspections of the State Geological Control.
  • We support the formation of documentation and business conduct, implementation of the work program, elimination of regulations of the State Geological Control.
  • We support in the judiciary and local governments.

What you will get as a result: professional geological and legal support, prompt resolution of document problems.

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