How to get a design solution The team of the Geological Investment Group develops and implements complex design solutions in accordance with the needs of the subsoil user:

  • geological project to study the area;
  • field exploration project (area);
  • seismic survey project;
  • exploratory drilling project;
  • well and field development project;
  • well trial plan;
  • field development project;
  • research and development projects;
  • projects of development and reclamation of solid mineral deposits;
  • technological schemes;
  • projects of sanitary protection zones;
  • mining development plans;
  • groundwater production plans;
  • mining allotment projects;
  • interpretation of seismic materials and reinterpretation of seismic materials of previous years;
  • documentation for well conservation / disposal;
  • analysis and reinterpretation of works previously carried out in subsoil areas;
  • Calculation of losses and costs in the extraction process and selection of technology to restore and intensify the inflow of hydrocarbons in the well.
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