How to complete the environmental impact assessment procedure A positive conclusion on the environmental impact assessment allows the subsoil user to conduct economic activities. We prepare the report and ensure all procedural stages of environmental impact assessment in compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation. We provide comprehensive support during public hearings and a report on public discussion, as well as an opinion on the environmental impact assessment.

  • We are preparing a report on planned activities.
  • We prepare and process requests for the information needed to write an environmental impact assessment report.
  • Generating an environmental impact assessment report.
  • Calculate air emissions in the software package EOL 2000 [h] version 4.0.
  • We prepare responses to comments and suggestions from the public.
  • We are preparing an announcement for a public hearing.
  • We support the conclusion of the environmental impact assessment.

What you will get as a result: a document that allows business.

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