We support the client from the inception stage of an idea to enter the subsoil use market, help to obtain permits and continue to administer each stage of the activity.

Search for subsoil use objects

We find and analyze investment-attractive subsoil facilities that meet customer requirements.

Audit of subsoil use objects

We conduct a comprehensive geological and legal audit of subsoil use objects of interest to the client and provide an opinion on the risks of acquisition and profitability of such subsoil use facilities. We provide full legal support of transactions, representation of the rights and interests of customers when purchasing such subsoil facilities.

Obtaining permits

We comprehensively support the process of obtaining permits which give customers the right to use subsoil in an auction or non-auction way.

Protection of interests

We represent and protect the interests of subsoil users in the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine, state supervision (control) bodies, local governments, judicial authorities, etc.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We support the procedure of environmental impact assessment of the planned activities of subsoil users.

Change, extension of permits

We provide comprehensive support for making changes to extend the validity of subsoil users’ permits.

Changes, an extension of permits

We conduct daily monitoring of changes in the legislation of Ukraine and update business activities and permits of clients in accordance with such changes.

Production of documents, reports

We provide a full range of services at all stages of subsoil use, including the preparation of projects, reports, acts, technological schemes, structural constructions, conclusions, plans and more.

Audit of permits

We audit the permits of subsoil users and harmonize them with the requirements of current legislation.

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